Why Hookup Sells Better on E-Books

Why Hookup Sells Better on E-Books

Why Hook-up Sells Better on E-Books

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. I . the . what you read what she wants to know what you are aiding them . I'm a lot of people obstacle . when the trial joining us on the set now to tells why . hook-up cells that enable total . love is the visible reason . for . this reason he always uses his weekend if you're sitting in the doctor's office or your . with a current or . sitting in the NewsCorp contain youthful people they need to see the reading some tax rate since . the novella with dubious Mr. across the sea . um . about how I stumble hear the screams of all of the kind of . stuff and fifty shades of grey the kind of . literary of . my subconscious is he has to explain made use to like in her on her hair flying her palms clenched around her face like Edward Munch's Scream . so um something with a good thing a lot of multi will come on . the top ten friends albeit fairly similar to how the people to know what they're willing to MF will that that the assessments of the other one is that you know . the publishers insight into . the . status of their own Tebow arms so it permits them to test . these . Iraqi books that Miss Claire is a lot of money and marketing materials . I was publicity with with with the report doesn't explain why people buying it a lot of people applying . balm fifty shades of grey which it which is what one one book which is right this is so essential for a one sheet well and and and people go and find that . we took home the man has another theory that says the hookup drives technological innovation ever since the aam . cave drawings VHS tapes the Internet itself . actually she looked on industry and that pop up windows . I believe that it gets . if you look back to their Victorian gentleman used to cover corner graphics Donahoe . microphone across in their pocket observes said are some academics that everything . the same is true for it looks people like to . feel like they're hiding in an erotica on their person . just like these Victorian gentleman does all the isthe is going to live like one to one of the person to me was the one wearing pink and or having a book . with fifty shades of grey tucked underneath your breast . pocket of your seat and now you can read on the cable unknowable know I'm especially leaving you all over your shoulder . you know you get a vicarious thrill of . his time . um no because I don't indeed know what is the sequel man of the

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