Xwebplayer, Xdevel

Xwebplayer, Xdevel


The Universal Social Web Player.

Xwebplayer is StreamSolution's universal audio/movie player. It's effortless to customize and config. It smartly adapts itself to any device, desktop or mobile through a single html embed code.

Customize lightly and instantaneously your player using StreamSolution's control panel with our Live Editor and Configuration Wizard. Subsequent customizations will be applied live, without requiring to re-embed code.

Graphical Customizations

  • Player size (with Four:Trio e 16:9 presets for the movie)
  • Library with ten templates
  • WYSIWYG Colour Editor
  • Controls background
  • Metadata background
  • Metadata text
  • Logo Overlay
  • Default cover (when artwork is absent)

Technical customizations

  • Autostart
  • Mute
  • Default Volume

Xwebplayer Control Panel

  • Chooses automatically the site that fits better the current screen.
  • Automatically detects the device.
  • Automatically chooses the best available encoding (Audio: MP3, AAC, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2, Ogg Vorbis. Movie: H.264, HLS).
  • Automatically detects the best available technology (Flash or HTML5).
  • Instantaneously detects any metadata switch.
  • Share on air information through Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Full-embed on Facebook. Your listeners can listen/see to your station directly through the collective post.
  • iTunesand EarOne integration to demonstrate automatically artist (with related photos in slide-show), title, album name, artwork, current and previous position inwards Italian Official Radio Airplay Chart.
  • If the player is multichannel, when the mouse pointer is over the station name, you'll see a preview of the current on air song.
  • Fresh, Preview and Hit labels to identify a fresh song, a song which have not been released yet and a Hit (Weekly Airplay Top 20). Powered by EarOne.it
  • Like (with number of likes) and Most liked buttons, with automatic generation of “most liked” songs.
  • Generates dynamically a list of the fresh songs played by the station, each with its own official italian Radio Date. Powered by EarOne.it
  • Exports automatically an RSS feed with the current onair song and publishes it automatically on a Facebook page through RSS Graffiti plugin.

Total Embed Share

When connection issues on the user side occur, Xwebplayer automatically reconnects or activates an automated fallback to alternative rivulets.

  • Compile a list of domains permitted to insert embed code.
  • Protect access to the stream using a high securitypassword .

Stream Solution stats provide detailed reports on critical audience parameters such as: concurrent users, unique listeners, geographical distribution (countries, traffic sources, technologies), traffic consumption, duration of average and total play time.

Xwebplayer can also be linked to a Google Analytics account for even more detailed data.

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