8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

8 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today


What’s that you say? Your iPhone isn’t yet plunged to the gills with apps? Don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can to remedy the situation. Today’s post covering today’s best paid apps on sale for free includes eight apps you’re certainly going to want to grab while they’re free, so be sure to browse through them before these sales end.

These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can assure is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Thumb Browser

Use thumbs to lightly navigate your daily website!

1. Use the thumb to quickly browse the site.

Two. Can edit twelve websites (web pages).

(1) Streamlined UI design, saving fountain resources to read web pages more quickly.

(Two) To save operating time (the site does not open and close the window)

(Trio) Previous / Next button.

(Four) URL input column.

(Five) Refresh button.

(6) Share screen button.

(7) Support for vertical and horizontal display mode.

(1) Click the upper left button to edit twelve daily websites.

(Two) Commence dragging the bottom scroll bar to access the site.

(Trio) Previous page, Next page button and Share and refresh button.

(Four) Click the upper right button to come in the URL

Mini for Facebook

Featured on BGR, iosnoops.com, AppShopper ,Yahoo, 148Apps.com and many other websites and Blogs !

#9 Ranked in US, #22 Ranked in Ghana and top fifty in many other countries in the social network PAID APP on App store

Rated Four+ starlet (Avg) by our Users for all the version .

Our Some User Reviews –

“It’s a good embark on a very good idea. I gave it five starlets over my previous four starlets because of the developers quick response on fixing a duo of complaints. Don’t see that every day! ”

by2K6GTO – Mar 30, 2016

# Very light App for Facebook with Lock Feature

# Use Facebook in private mode .

# Keep your Facebook data private

# Petite size App eleven MB , very less compare to official app one hundred forty four MB .

** It is just not only Facebook lock , it is also a very light version of Facebook

Note – Please write in review about your need , we will certainly add those feature in next version as we added many feature in version Two.0 , requested by our users .

* Very Light version of Facebook

* Very petite in size

* Bar Button to Use Facebook in very effortless way

* Talk with Facebook friend

* Share post with friends

* Basically All the feature of Facebook


* Lock App When App inject in Background .

* You can lock also Lock it by Lock button .

* App will be Lock automatically when you launch any another application.

* App will be Lock Automatically when you press Home button or Power Button.

* So no-one can Access your Facebook even when he got access your phone .

* You can switch password Anytime in effortless step .

# Don’t drain your battery so swift and don’t total up your device with junks !

# It is useful if you are running out of memory .

# Useful for the user who want to keep their Facebook data private

# Once Install Log in and have Joy !

# Lock your Facebook in case any other family member want to use your phone .

# Lock facebook in case many people access your phone .

# It also rapid and take less running memory .

Reminders: photo to-do list & task notification

– iOS ten notifications with fastened photo

– notifications with “remind me at location”

– add pictures from the Photos app

– use Camera to take photos

– e-mailing a note

– create voice memos

– creating text notes

– setting the date and a sound reminder

– sharing a note through social networks

– sorting according to addition and reminder dates and filtrating notes

– searching notes by the name and their description.

“Remind Me” is the chance to make a reminder quickly and clearly about any event: a meeting, a bday bounty purchase, a concert, an significant call or simply an evening walk with your pet.

Moreover,you can sort out your reminders by groups

Ideal application for those who value their time.

It’s enough to * Choose the photo from the Photos app, * Make a photo or * Record a voice message”.

“Remind Me” enables to create reminders instantly, without spending time for the description of the forthcoming event, which is also convenient while driving.

How does “Remind Me” work?

For example, walking around the city, you can pay attention to the poster: premiere of the long-awaited movie. You get the phone, take a picture by the means of this application – at the necessary moment the program will inform you that it is time to buy tickets. The application remembers everything for you!

“Remind Me” is also an excellent helper in the office:

You can remind your colleagues about the forthcoming meeting through the application mailing.

Moreover, you can share the notes with anyone through social networks!

“Remind Me combines various functions with the plainness of usage. The clear and convenient interface enables to create a reminder in just a few clicks.

InterLink Total Browser

InterLink is a comprehensive browser that can store and retrieve Web sites, notes, photos, music, contacts, and groups.

Key features include:

– Lightly accessible consonant search.

– You can search the Web from anywhere in the default search button.

– Search properties for each site, the Web site, you can add the search button.

– Groups and organizations can lightly send text and e-mail.

– Back in a convenient swipe manner, we can go forward.

– Private information, pictures, and store security can be fully processed (AES128) and notes.

– Support for downloading music (youtube mp3, convert2mp3 site, etc.).

– Wise Find latest list substitutes the list of dearest features.

– Mini-player enables numerous tasks of movie and audio viewing and download.

– Music alarm is not to little by little increase the volume of unexpected sound will protect you of significant appointments.


TubeBot.tv – Observe Movies Like a TV Channel

You can create your own TV like channel “TubeBot Program” from Search Results/Playlist/Channel/Category

Created TubeBot Program can be accessed at any time like TV channel.

Frequency used TubeBot Programs are arranged in the above by MRU list.

– Various continuous playing method (Keyword/View Count/Rating/Date)

– Sorting(Switch roles/Shuffle/Number/Older to Newer)

– Numerous local playlist(Beloved/You don’t need to create Youtube account)

– Single movie loop mode(for digital signage/learning)

– Bitrate saving mode(for mobile listening)

– GPS search around current location

– Multi language category support

– Twitter search for current movie

Glow Asteroids Shooter

LIKE Asteroids Shooter?

LIKE Space Battle?

LIKE Shoot em up?

Attempt Classic Asteroids Arcade Game in Glow Neon Style!

Crashing glow asteroids, ruin the glow flying saucers (UFO)!

Demolish all space invaders in this battle!

Hold out as long as possible and earn a lot of points!

Peak: Use the hyperspace to avoid a collision with asteroids! BUT! Be careful – you can show up anywhere!

– Amazing glow neon graphic

– Effortless gameplay and control

– Nice music and sound

One Tomato

[ One Tomato-Simple and efficient Pomodoro ]

Let me hear you if you want: [email protected]

• Based on the Pomodoro Technology helps you more efficiently utilize every minute.

• Minimalist interface design, permitting you to be more focused

• Immersion mode lets you concentrate more on the current

• White Noise playback, so you can work and examine more concentrate

• 3D-Touch permits you to use more convenient

• Support for custom-built labels

• Support share to Wechat and save as photo

[ What is pomodoro? ]

Pomodoro is a ordinary time management device.

You will spend twenty five minutes concentrate on work, not permitted to do anything halfway. Ater that, you will have five minutes to take a brief break. And afer every four tomatos, you will have fifteen minutes to take a long break.

Pomodoro greatly improve the efficiency of the work, there will be an unexpected sense of accomplishment.

Notification sound effect provide by notificationsounds.com

Pic Navi

Pic Navi is an easy-to-use photo location viewer and editor. Browse pictures normally, and when you find a photo that you want to know where you took it, you can open a map that gives you driving, walking, cycling and transportation direction from your current location. You can adjust the photo location just by dragging a pin on a map. When you have a photo without GPS information, you can add it by typing an address. You can also eliminate GPS information when you want to make sure your privacy is protected.

Pic Navi can edit date and time of the photo. When you save photos you get from someone else, they are saved with the date and time they are saved, not when they were actually taken. You can modify it with Pic Navi, so for example, your photos and the photos you get from your friends can stick together. With Timezone Support, Pic Navi shows you the local time of the photo location, instead of your current timezone. Travel pictures with the accurate timestamp make revive your memory more vividly.

Use Pic Navi when you want to share a photo with its timestamp, like an old school camera. You can customize its size, format, font and color to your liking. You can also hide the timestamp by setting the font size to zero.

– Direction from your current location to the location of the photo using a map app of your choice.

– Add, edit or eliminate location

– Edit date and time.

– Albums in alphabetical order, plus search function

– Share one or more pictures with timestamps inscribed.

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