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Introducing our latest WeChat for Mac update – Two.1.0! Now available for download on your Mac desktop. Call and movie talk your friends for free directly on your computer without missing a strike.

What’s Fresh in Version Two.1.0?

  • Place voice and movie calls for free with friends
  • Convert audio messages into text messages for effortless reading (Chinese-only)
  • View our improved screenshot feature
  • Forward and beloved talk scripts
  • Scroll over animated stickers to preview before sending
  • Love our optimized larger fonts
  • Lightly adjust the height of your input talk field to fit even your longest messages

Be sure to upgrade today to practice all the fresh WeChat for Mac Two.1.0 features!

Out Now – WeChat for Windows Two.0

We have titillating news for our PC users, WeChat for Windows Two.0 is now available for download. Be sure to upgrade today to love all our latest updates!

What's Fresh in WeChat for Windows Two.0?

1. Save interesting messages and other media to your Favorites folder for effortless retrieval

Available Now – WeChat 6.Three.Five for iOS

Staying connected with all your friends just got lighter with movie calling – now for groups. With WeChat 6.Three.Five for iOS, WeChatters can commence a movie call in a group talk with up to nine people or choose audio only for group voice calls. We’re also introducing Group Notices and fresh enhancements to the WeRun-WeChat Official Account fitness tracker.

Talk face-to-face with up to nine friends all at once with FREE movie calling now for groups. Simply choose to turn off “Video” for a group voice call.

  • Within a group talk, click the + menu and select “Video Call.”
  • Choose members to join.

Wait for friends to accept your invite and then embark talking.

Fresh 3D Touch for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

You've bought your fresh iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, what should you do next? Upgrade your WeChat of course! We've just added 3D Touch in our latest 6.Two.7 update.

Now Available – WeChat for Windows 1.Five

Introducing WeChat for Windows 1.Five, now available for download on your PC. What's fresh in the latest update?

1. Talk with your friends, family or those closest to you with free movie calls

Immovable Security Flaw in WeChat 6.Two.Five for iOS

  1. The flaw, described in latest media reports, only affects WeChat v6.Two.Five for iOS. Newer versions of WeChat (versions 6.Two.6 or greater) are not affected.
  2. A preliminary investigation into the flaw has exposed that there has been no theft and leakage of users' information or money, but the WeChat team will proceed to closely monitor the situation.
  3. The WeChat tech team has extensive practice combating attempts to hack our systems. Once the security flaw was discovered, the team instantaneously took steps to secure against any theft of user information.
  4. Users who encounter any issues can contact the team by leaving feedback in the “WeChat Team” WeChat account.

Introducing WeChat 6.Two.Five for iOS Featuring Favorited Rich Media Messages

We’re excited to share with you WeChat 6.Two.Five for iOS. With this update, WeChatters can now create and save rich media messages under their “Favorites,” or send them to another conversation. The rich media message format permits WeChatters to combine texts, pictures, locations and audio messages all into one plain message.

Create and Save Rich Media Messages

Whether you’re working on a reminder or a message for someone special, it’s rapid and effortless to create and save rich media messages under your “Favorites.”

Out Now: WeChat 6.Two for iOS and Android Featuring Moments Translation

When it comes to communication, we’re focused on making the practice quicker, better and lighter for WeChatters all over the world. That’s why we’re antsy to introduce WeChat 6.Two for iOS and Android, now with translation for Moments. We’ve also simplified the talk history migration process when switching to a fresh device, added a fresh photo picker instrument to make sending pics even quicker, included a few upgrades for Android Wear and much more.

Out Now: WeChat 6.0 for Android and iOS

We’re thrilled to introduce WeChat 6.0 for Android and iOS now available in your Google Play and App Store. This time, we’ve improved your talks by adding the View feature permitting you to post 6-second animated movie clips directly in your talks or Moments. Now is your chance to demonstrate your friends how much of a rockstar you are. But that’s not all. We’ve also improved the design, made it iOS eight compatible (for our iOS users) and immobilized some pesky bugs. So get on it and upgrade today!

Fresh Feature: View

Glance messages are prompt to record animated clips that run directly in your talks and Moments when connected to 3G or WIFI. There’s never been an lighter way to display your friends what you’re up to on WeChat. Please note, the View feature is only accessible for those who have upgraded to WeChat 6.0, so get your friends onboard and let the joy begin!

Fresh WeChat Five.Four for Android Released

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of – WeChat Five.Four for Android! We’ve added a fresh bookmarking feature that takes you to the very first unread message in any talk with just one tap. And with the fresh navigation, we’ve included a “Me” tab for you to lightly customize your WeChat settings. So what are you waiting for? Get more out of your WeChat practice and upgrade to Five.Four for Android today.

Check out all of the fresh features below:

Last Read Message Bookmark: Miss a entire bunch of talk messages? Now you won’t have to worry about being lost in a conversation again. After ten or more messages, WeChat provides a handy “New Messages” notification. Simply tap “New Messages” within a talk and you’ll be taken to the embark of your fresh messages to catch up.

Fresh WeChat Five.Four for iOS Available Now

We’re excited to announce our latest update for iOS – WeChat Five.Four! We’ve extended the joy to your iPad with a fresh fully compatible interface and effortless one-scan login feature. You can now love WeChat on both your iPhone and iPad at the same time. And with UI improvements and bug fixes, we’re boosting your multi-device practice even further. So what are you waiting for? Take your WeChatting to the next level and upgrade to Five.Four for iOS today.

Check out all the fresh features below:

iPad Compatibility: Love WeChat in all its glory now on your iPad and stay logged in on both mobile devices. It’s that ordinary to take your WeChatting practice to the big screen! When you have installed WeChat Five.Four on your iPad, open WeChat on your iPad and select “Use on Phone and iPad” > then on your phone tap the “Detect” tab > choose “Scan QR Code” > then scan the code on your iPad.

Switch the Past with Message Recall on WeChat Five.Trio.1 for iOS and Android

Announcing our fresh Message Recall feature on WeChat Five.Three.1 for iOS and Android. Unsend any message sent within the last two minutes instantly. If both parties are upgraded to Five.Trio.1, just long press the message you would like to recall, tap the right arrow and select “Unsend.” It’s like it never happened.

Best of all, that’s just one of the many fresh features we’ve added to make connecting with friends even lighter. Check them all out below.

Say Hello, Hola or Bonjour to WeChat's Fresh Translation Feature – Five.Trio Update

Introducing our fresh message translation feature for WeChat Five.Three on iOS. With translation just a tap away, now you can talk with your friends and family across the globe and back. Simply long press the message you would like to translate, tap the right arrow and select the “Translate” option. Then like magic, you can read the message! The feature translates over eighty different languages. How’s that for global communication?

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