Movie Talk – Add movie to talk conversations, LivePerson APIs

Movie Talk – Add movie to talk conversations, LivePerson APIs

movie with talk

Consumers choose to message rather than call brands. However, in some cases, a higher touch interaction such as a movie call can help to make the conversation more effective.

Benefits of using movie talk:

Solve issues, the very first time around: movie gives agents the best instruments for achieving very first contact resolution and reducing wait time and average hold time.

Build relationships with your customers: movie lets agents meaningfully connect with consumers they are already messaging with, fostering a more private connection.

Plasticity in meeting consumer needs: consumers expect to have the plasticity to do all types of communication in one place over talk. Now brands can meet their customer’s expectations by providing them with talk and movie all within one place, achieving the accomplish digital practice.

Use cases:

Solve intricate tech support issues or inquiries that would be hard to describe without visuals. For example, guide a customer on resetting the wires on a modem.

Provide your VIP customers with concierge, premium treatment. Movie provides tailored solutions and service for consumers, with their private choices kept on priority.

Substitute in-person meetings such as consultations or long application process with real-time assistance and in-store practice.

Identify consumers when verification is needed on individual and secure issues.

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