FB Stickers Store and Talk Emoticons

FB Stickers Store and Talk Emoticons

All About Facebook Stickers and Sticker Store

Facebook has made a major switch in its talk, inbox messaging and main website by introducing large emoticons called Facebook Stickers and these are available through Facebook Sticker Store. These icons can be sent as message to convey a pictorial presentation of your thoughts and emotions. Such icons have been in use since the earliest days of talk messengers like Yahoo! and MSN. Now fresh mobile apps like WhatsApp are also making powerful use of them and are very popular.

Facebook Stickers are puny icons that you can send (with or without accompanying text) as a message. As they say, a picture says thousand words, conveying some thoughts and emotions through pictures is a lot lighter. FB Stickers are go after the same concept. These emoticons are in addition to the regular Facebook smilies. And you can also post beautiful text art in your Facebook and Twitter messages.

Launched as part of their mobile Messenger, now Facebook has made these Stickers available on web as well. You can send them in Facebook talk and inbox messages.

Look for a grey smiley face in top-right corner of your talk box or message compose box. Clicking on this smiley will pop a box containing some Stickers. Click to select whichever you need.

At present, by default, three sets of Stickers are there in the selection box. One set is that of large faces, 2nd set is that of a cat cartoon and the third set contains good-old regular Facebook smilies.

Yes! A large number of Stickers are available in “Sticker Store”. Click on the basket icon given in the top right corner of the popped up box and you’ll be introduced with Sticker Store. The Stickers sets that are available for free are marked as such. Just click the green colored FREE button and that set will be added to your Sticker box.

Facebook Sticker Store

Sticker set added from Stroe and an icon sent in talk!

Yes, at present, all the sets available in Sticker Store are free and you can download any set in your talk box.

Going by the FREE written against presently available sets, yes, it is likely that Facebook may be planning to launch paid Stickers in future. But at present all sets are free.

Facebook has recently brought Stickers to its main website on web. The feature is still rolling out on FB servers around the world. If you still don’t see the option of sending Stickers, just wait until your server gets updated. You don’t need to do anything but wait a bit!

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